Pet hair brush glove
Pet hair brush glove - removing fur
Pet hair brush glove - Effective, Gentle, Fast, Adaptive


Stick It! Pet Pro Glove

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Simply pet your pet with love and remove all the loose hairs before they get on your furniture and clothing. Pets love it and you will too!

The Pet Pro Glove is also great for bath time! Giving them a good scrub and a deep clean to their coat leaving it shining for days.

Great for all kinds of pets like cats, dogs, horses, guinea pigs and any other furry friend you have. Our Pet Pro Glove works for short, medium and long coats!

Customer Reviews

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Definitely gets hair off my cats, very easy to use.

Jeffrey Stewart (Sioux City, US)

Works great like advertisement says.

Thank you for the awesome review, Jeffrey! We’re thrilled to see how much you enjoy your pet pro glove, and we hope you are getting great use out of it!

Tracy Lantry (Massena, US)
Stick it rollers

Works better than anything I have tried before

Thank you for such a glowing review, Tracy! It is great to hear that this works better than anything you have ever tried before.

MasterShake (Oklahoma City, US)
A much needed cleaning tool for any pet lover

I have a pitbull and even though he’s a short hair dog he does shed. I have used the small roller a few times with mixed results I think I need to learn how to clean it better so it’s more sticky but usually warm water gets it right off. The gloves work well and gets a fair bit of hair off him. I’ve not had a need for the larger roller. I originally thought of keeping the extra small brush in the truck but wonder if the heat would cause damage. I think a disposable would be best for that situation. But for now one in my bedroom and one in my office seems like a good choice.

Thank you for taking the time to leave us such a great review, we truly appreciate it! We recommend rinsing the roller with hot water and drying immediately on a clean, lint-free towel. Also, after time, residue may build up, in which case you would want to clean with a dab of blue Dawn® dish soap (with the duck) by rubbing it all over the roller, and then rinsing it with hot water and drying on a clean, lint-free towel to bring back that day-one stickiness. We also recommend storing it in a cool, dry place, so the truck may be a less-than-ideal place for it.

David Palmer (Orland Park, US)
It works okay

I thought that it, being green, was made of the same material as the roller. But it does catch some of the hair.

We apologize if there was any confusion on the material for the glove, David. The glove is mesh nylon, and the green portion of the glove is rubber, while the roller is gel silicone.