Cleaning your Stick it! Rollers

1. Wash your roller

To clean simply rinse your Stick it! rollers with warm tap water.

If you notice it losing its stickiness, wash the roller with some Dawn Dish Soap and hot water. That brings back that day one stickiness!

2. Dry it

If you roll it over a dry, lint-free towel, it will dry instantly and be ready to use again right away!

If you let it drip dry, it will be completely dry in a few minutes.

3. That's all!

It's that simple! Your roller is ready to use. Repeat the process over and over, with proper care your roller will last over 10 years.

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As soon as I an ad for this I wanted to try it out.

Holy cow! This is a fantastic device with a lot of potential and the best part - It's never not sticky!

Montgomery, US

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