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Stick it! Products

It's easy! Just use the brush side to sweep up any dry, messy surface, then use the roller side to pick up the rest! You do not need to press hard. To clean the roller, just run it under hot water, and roll it over a lint-free towel to dry it. It will be sticky again right away!

Yep! It works on hardwood, tile, laminate, linoleum, carpet, upholstery, silk, satin, suede, even your pets! However, with the super stickiness of our rollers, do not use it on any painted surfaces, wallpaper, or surfaces that might chip, it'll peel it off!

It doesn't, at least not anytime soon! It will keep sticking for up to 10 years. If you notice it losing its stickiness, wash the roller with some Dawn Dish Soap and hot water. That brings back that day one stickiness!

If you roll it over a dry, lint-free towel, it will dry instantly and be ready to use again right away! If you let it drip dry, it will be completely dry in a few minutes.

It's good for any dry mess: dirt, dust, dander, lint, salt, sugar, cookie crumbs, kitty litter, birdseed, any kind of mess you have around that is dry, this will be great for!

If you try to roll up messes that are wet, they will not stick to the roller. Clean up the wet mess with a towel and then come through with your Stick It! Roller to handle the rest!

We currently do not offer wholesale.